About Singly

Singly was founded in 2010 on the belief that as we share and create more data each year, portability of that data becomes crucial. Today, we offer a product called Singly Data Fabric, which facilitates the movement of authenticated consumer data throughout the ecosystem.

Singly is backed by Foundry Group, Venrock, True Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Stanford University and a host of angel investors including Esther Dyson and John Battelle.


Meet the Singletons

Simon Murtha Smith

CEO, Co-Founder

Simon, CEO and co-founder of Singly, is a tool maker. He grew up in New England with LEGO, LOGO, and Paul Simon. He believes in the overwhelming power of positivity, music, and community. Prior to Singly, Simon founded Introspectr, a personal search engine that aggregated social services and provided a single place to search for them. He is a recovering mechanical and jet propulsion engineer.

Jeremie Miller

CTO, Co-Founder

Jeremie Miller is co-founder of Singly, founded in 2010. Prior to Singly, Jeremie was working with various startups, including leading Wikia Search with Jimmy Wales. Jeremie is best known as the inventor of the widely-used Jabber/XMPP open source protocols for instant messaging, and he was the primary developer of jabberd 1.0, the first XMPP server. Outside of Singly, he is an advisor to other startups and spends time with his wife and three boys in Cascade, Iowa.

Temas Muldowney


Thomas "temas" Muldowney loves to write code and scale systems to previous unachieved heights. He started his professional life by being the second person to join the Jabber project and has not stopped working on open source and startups since. His work has ranged from communication systems and void, to 3d engines and iOS. A proud husband and father to seven children, Thomas is a firm believer in economies of scale.

Dan Brewster Barber

VP of Operations & Partnerships

Daniel Brewster Barber is inspired by Singly’s team, vision, and magic. He tries to work on as many projects as possible at Singly and spends free-time thinking about Singly as an organism. Dan came to San Francisco to consult on Business Ops / Finance for 60 VC-backed companies. Before that he dedicated a few years to eliminating the education gap in the classroom. A proud member of the Finer Things Club in San Francisco, Dan enjoys books, beverages, and banter.

Justin Mecham


Justin "Opie" Mecham is a full-stack developer with an emphasis on mobile development. He is currently responsible for development and maintenance of the Singly iOS SDK. Justin lives in beautiful Portland, Maine where he enjoys the outdoors, supports the local economy and enjoys the amazing food scene. When he's not in front of a glowing screen you can find him in front of a hot burner where he's cooking up his next best meal.

Austin Smith

Community Manager

Austin arrived at Singly just after finishing his master's in journalism from Northwestern. He was drawn to Singly (and journalism before that) by a passion for public empowerment and a strong aversion to wearing suits. Before San Francisco, he lived in Montana, NYC, northern Michigan, Chicago and DC. He likes sailing and hoppiness.

Justin Parker

Engineer, Support Manager

Born near an everglade, somewhere between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Justin has never had a knack for taming alligators or driving slowly in the passing lane – so he moved to California. He’s the youngest member of the Singly team, as evidenced by the fact that he likes pickles but dislikes pickled cucumbers. Outside of work, he performs improv comedy, enjoys live music and runs from zombies.

Patty Castaneda

Creative Lead

If you’d learn one thing by visiting the website Patty created – which you can find at pattycreates.com – it’s that Patty creates. She is a designer with HTML/CSS skills, and has designed large scale ads, including train wraps and bus ads, that have run across San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle. Currently, she’s looking for a new apartment. Seriously, do you know anyone subletting a bedroom in SF?