Singly Data Fabric

API Integration Management

Integrate Lots of APIs, Easily

Integrating one of these APIs on your own is a headache, but integrating several is a migraine. We've unified many services into an easy syntax so you can forget about nuanced differences in rate limits, endpoints and API design.

From FitBit to Runkeeper to BodyMedia and more, Health Data Fabric will connect you to all the trackers, devices and apps you need.

From Instagram to Facebook to Flickr to Picasa and more -- we’ll connect you to your users' photos, wherever they are.

Whether you need Foursquare Checkins, Facebook Likes, Favorite Tweets or anything else across all the major social networks, we’ve got you covered.

Gather all of your users’ contacts aggregated and normalized across every service. Gain more users organically.

All The Data You Need,
All The Time.

As soon as you connect a user to one or more services through Data Fabric, Singly returns that user's historical data, normalized across services, right up to the most recent event. Whenever that user generates new data on a service, Singly pushes it to your database and retries if it doesn't receive acknowledgement.

Status Monitoring Dashboard and API

The Singly Dashboard displays real-time updates on your APIs, allowing you to catch issues as soon as they occur. Use our clean dashboard or connect to our status API and integrate with your own monitoring system.

Building it Yourself
is Always More Expensive.

From initial engineering costs of setting up task queues, schedulers, crawlers, monitoring, normalization and workers, to ongoing salary and infrastructure expenses to maintain the system, API management is a money pit. Let us handle it for you, and each new service you integrate will be easier than the last.


The first hurdle of API management is auth, and Singly makes it easy. Regardless which version of OAuth, Singly will give you a consistent auth flows and endpoints. Singly also provides easy login and sharing for Facebook, Twitter and many other services.

Interested in just using the Singly Auth without Data Fabric?

The Technology

Once you’ve connected a user to one or several services we’ll send you the user’s historical data and our technology will ensure that you never miss data. Here’s how it works.

Our API will run a continuous cycle of paging for new user data from a service.

When new data is posted, Singly will push it directly to your database.

If our API doesn’t get acknowledgement that the data was received, it will continue to retry.

If your app is experiencing downtime, Singly keeps track of any missed data, allowing you to schedule seamless downtime and control syncing. If you lose a database or need to re-index, simply replay history.